Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Dorchester Nursery / Preschool

Exciting news! I have just been helping my sister with some search engine optimisation for the new web site she has created for the preschool she works with. It is a really great site. If you are a parent with young children looking for a Nursery or Preschool in the Dorchester, Dorset area, I really recommend you visit their site. Dorchester Nursery / Preschool

Thursday, 25 January 2007

What is the primary asset of a software development company?

What is the primary asset of a software company?

I would suggest to you that the primary asset of a software company is not its client base. Shocking?
Not its staff. Still shocking? Not its buildings. Not its business processes. Not its business process infrastructure.

All of these things are important, yes. VERY important? Yes. Really really important? Yes. And certainly you can’t be running too much of a business without them. But not primarily important.

I would suggest that the primary asset of a software company is none of these.

The primary asset of a software company is it’s CODEBASE.

However, the code base is only an asset of the business to the extent that it is maintainable, extensible, revisable and re-applicable to a changing set of business scenarios within a changing local and global business environment.

So the really interesting question becomes, not how to write code that is reusable. But rather how to build a code base, and code library, which is maintainable, extensible, revisable and most importantly of all re-applicable.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Independent Dorset Software Consultant

I am an independent Dorset software consultant. There are various advantages to hiring me, which extend above and beyond hiring a traditional software house. Whilst you might think that the bigger a company is, the more likely it will be able to provide you with what you want, this is not necessarily the case. Very many projects from small and medium sized enterprises when they are contracted to software houses are actually passed on to people just like me... one or two or three of us. So while the software company takes a big slice of your cash, which it is using amongst other things in the service of presenting a "professional front" to its business, it very often does not in fact add any additional value.

It merely acts to create a barrier between you, the client, and me/us, the people doing the work.