Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Notes about thortspace - Public sphere list at thortspace

Thortspace is a 3D visual thinking for creative brainstorming, problem solving, collaborative research and education.
Beyond 3D mind mapping – reflecting how minds work.
Discussion of thortspace features.
What problem does thortspace solve?
About thortspace
3d Mind Mapping - Thortspace screenshot on Wikipedia

Introductory video: Beyond mind-mapping and 3D mind-mapping (Introductory YouTube Video).

The thortspace "Public spheres list" is here.

Reviews of thortspace: Le mind mapping en 3D arrive avec Thortspace

Consultants using thortspace: Pair Mentoring and Team Mentoring Using Novel Thought Processor Thortspace

Other mentions / discussion / reviews and criticism:
What are some examples of web applications based on collective intelligence
Pbworks - catalogue of thought processing and brain-writing software
Concept maps vs. Mind maps
Visual mapper blog - Wallace Tait being interviewed by Phil Shepherd from Thortspace
3D Mind-map "Thortspace" on - everything from the perspective of everything else
3D Mind-map "Thortspace" publication on Medium
"Thortspace" getting started guide on Medium

People Pinteresting Thortspace:
Thortspace - Beyond 3D Mind-mapping
Images of thortspace 3d mind map:
Thortspace 3d Mind map

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