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Notes about Thortspace - Public sphere list at Thortspace

Knowledge visualisation mapping:
Knowledge visualisation mapping
10 trends in Knowledge Management

Lists of mind mapping software:
List of mind mapping software
List of mind mapping software on Wikipedia
List of mind mapping software on mind-map-software.blogspot

Links from academic institutions:
Florida International University:

Images of thortspace 3d mind map:
Thortspace - 3D Mind mapping software - screenshot on Wikipedia

Some examples:
Public Spheres List
Public Spheres List Old version
Public Spheres List Newer version
Thortspace Journeys

Social media:
Thortspace on Twitter
Thortspace on Facebook
Thortspace on Trello
Thortspace on LinkedIn
Thortspace on LikeInMind
Thortspace on Quora
Thortspace on Quora - Thortspace Collaborative 3D Mind Mapping - Collaborative 3D Whiteboard

Install pages:
Install Thortspace on Apple Mac Appstore
Install Thortspace on Google Android Playstore

Thortspace is a 3D visual thinking for creative brainstorming, problem solving, collaborative research and education.
Beyond 3D mind mapping – collaborative mind map
Discussion of thortspace features.
What problem does thortspace solve?
About thortspace
Mind Mapping - Thortspace draft article on Wikipedia
3d Mind Mapping - Thortspace screenshot on Wikipedia
Edward Hoare - Mind Mapping pioneer on Wikipedia

Introductory videos:
Professor Dasaratha Rama and Tammy Lea Meyer discuss Growing Systems of Success.
3 minutes : Beyond mind-mapping and 3D mind-mapping (Introductory YouTube Video).
1 Minute 30 seconds : Beyond mind-mapping and 3D mind-mapping (Introductory YouTube Video).

The thortspace "Public spheres list" is here.

Reviews of thortspace: Le mind mapping en 3D arrive avec Thortspace

Consultants using thortspace:
SwimToTheLight says Thortspace is "Easy to use for collaborative brainstorming on ideas and direction."
Morgan LLOSA uses Thortspace to help people find balance in their lives use Thortspace to present client information
Minnesota Futurists Meetup - Thortspace Collaborative 3D Mind Mapping - Collaborative 3D Whiteboard
Pair Mentoring and Team Mentoring Using Novel Thought Processor Thortspace
NCF presents on war avoidance in Iran – a breakdown of the key issues

Other mentions / discussion / reviews and criticism:
Thortspace better than Trello, according to Mumsnet user
What are some examples of web applications based on collective intelligence
Clay Leben's List: Collaboration tools & services
Ian in Sheffield on Diigo
Pbworks - catalogue of thought processing and brain-writing software
Review of Thortspace Collaborative 3D Mind Mapping software on Outliner Software .com
Concept maps vs. Mind maps
Visual mapper blog - Wallace Tait being interviewed by Phil Shepherd from Thortspace
3D Mind-map "Thortspace" on - everything from the perspective of everything else
3D Mind-map "Thortspace" publication on Medium
"Thortspace" getting started guide on Medium

People Pinteresting Thortspace:
Thortspace - Beyond 3D Mind mapping

People Instagramming Thortspace:
Thortspace - A breakthrough in collaborative thinking

Thortspace on Mac Update website
Thortspace on cnet download website

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